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Golf Club: Wasteland is a 2018 video game developed by Demagog Studio and published by Untold Tales. It was initially launched on June 20, 2018 on iOS and on Android in late December 2018. On September 3, 2021, it was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, after being announced at E3 2021. The game has players explore desolate ruins of the Earth that have been transformed into a golf course after an apocalyptic event kills all of humanity except for the extremely wealthy, who flee to Mars. The game’s narrative is mainly told through its soundtrack, which presents itself as a radio show called “Radio Nostalgia from Mars” playing music and interviews of people reminiscing about life on Earth.

Primarily developed by the visual artist Igor Simić, the game follows in the footsteps of his earlier mobile games, Crisis Expert and Children’s Play, in providing commentary on social issues. Specifically, Golf Club: Wasteland was inspired by the influence that owners of large corporations have on the world. The game has been praised for its soundtrack, narrative, and art style, while it has been criticized for relatively simple and shallow golf gameplay.

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