It Takes Two

The brilliance of It Takes Two is completely undeniable, the only game I have experienced since A Way Out to adequately provide an immersive, engaging and hilarious co-op adventure, a true adventure at that.

The scale of It Take Two is only realised about half way through, you think the end is approaching but its actually just the beginning of the adventure, a whole lot of wholesome goodness is to be had in this title. The game looks beautiful and will trigger nostalgic feelings in all you 80’s kids who looooove Honey I Shrunk The Kids, much like Grounded but in much more pleasing, third person experience.

The game must be played in co-op, this isn’t a recommendation it’s literally a requirement, the good news is that if you purchase a copy your friend can download and play with you for free. This is extremely surprising from a publisher like EA, given recent history they are definitely trying to change public opinion on their money making endeavors.

The gameplay itself is hard to pin down as it shifts through each of the games worlds, predominantly a platformer though with little nuggets of everything from Pong to Scalextric. The levels each provide the two characters with unique abilities suited to the challenges of the level and yes you can be a potatoe.

The game looks and plays beautifully on the Xbox Series X and I only experienced one level resetting crash throughout my playthrough, which I attribute to a server hiccup on release day.

I cannot recommend this game enough to fans of co-op, but if you’re a co-op fan chances are you’ve already completed it.

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    It Takes Two is absolutely fantastic, nostalgic and a welcome return to couch co-op. I'm looking forward to Hazelights next title with great anticipation.

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